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About me


I am a young man, and I have already built many websites from the ground up including this one.
Building websites is not the extent of my abilities.
I can also work in Computer Repair and Mainenance, Technical Support, Hosting and Creation, Designing, and Other types of support.
You can read about these either by clicking on the one you would like to view, or scrolling down and reading through.

In the past I have repaired many computers hardware and software. I have replaced screens, RAM, hard drives, Wi-Fi cards, and other parts. I have fixed broken many mother board parts. If you are looking to schedule a repair or have questions please go to the contact page.

Every time i am asked to troubleshoot a problem I always offer a software tuneup and repair. If you are looking for the repair page, please click this link.

I offer computer assistance services, also called technical support.  If you have any issues with your computer such as

I have created and hosted many websites in the past.
If you would like a website you have previously made hosted, then please contact me on the contact page. We can talk about what you would like hosted, how long, and how much data, and pricing. If you would like a site made then also contact me and we can discuss design, information, what the site will be for, and any other concerns you may have or things you would like on your site. If you would like examples of what I have done in the past then please head over to the examples page. I will code a website for you, allowing you to customize, and choose exactly what you want. If you want to code the website yourself or are interested in using a web builder I offer hosting. Here are a few of the web builders available: