Telaaedifex’s Albums is a revitalized version of PWA+PHP.  The development of PWA+PHP has seemed to die down since 2012.  Therefore I have started working to update it to be compatible with the newest versions of PHP and other languages.  I hope to add many new features and remove some old features that no longer work or have been depreciated.

Telaaedifex’s Albums lightweight solution for displaying your public and private (if you choose) Picasa Albums/Google Photo Albums within WordPress WordPress site.  The plugin, currently developed by Isaac Brown and previously developed by Scott McCandless provides a guided installer that helps you generate your gdata token and set display options for your albums.

Telaaedifex’s Albums extends the capabilites of Picasa and Google albums, allowing you to group albums by keywords in the title. Using this capability, you can create several photo pages in WordPress and show different groups of albums on each page. You can even allow users to download full-size copies of your images.

Telaaedifex’s Albums configuration options allow you to customize the look and feel of your albums, including thumbnail and image size, images per page, caption settings and display language, without modifying any code. The included CSS file can also be tweaked to your liking for an exact match with your existing website. The div-based layout is fluid and adjusts automatically to fit your theme.