Re Occurring Albums Issue

A user pointed out that if you call the album=”album name” feature multiple times on a single page then multiple albums would show up. (2017-08-30 V1.3.5)


This error has already been fixed in version 1.4.  The 1.4 update should be coming out between 2017-08-05 and 2017-08-19.

Pagination issue (Page issue)

If you are finding that some pages are blank if you set pagination to the value 2, or some pages have less albums than specified if set higher, that is because of the pagination issue.  The issue is that pagination takes the entire album list from google and creates pages for the albums before we tell it what to hide and what to show, this is being worked on and hopefully will be fixed within the next two versions.  However it is proving harder than anticipated to squash this bug. (17-03-10 V1.2.6)


Sadly the only way to get around this error as of now is to either not use album pages (set album per page option to 0) or do not hide albums.

Setting reset issue

Sometimes settings will reset to their defaults, especially if you clear your cache.  In the next update the settings overhaul will be finished, the plugin will be renamed, and a lot of other issues should be fixed as well. (17-03-10 V1.2.7.1)