These are the services that I provide, if you would like to read reviews please head over to the reviews page.

Prices are subject to change due to what a projects entails.  Please contact me for price information.

I offer and am able to work with many types of audio editing.  Including voice, instrumental, and podcast recording, though I mostly work with audio enhancements.  I have helped court typographers clean up background noise and enhance voices.  I am willing to do many different projects involving audio.

I have designed many graphics for several different organizations and individuals.  I can design banners, logos, favicons, icons, and more.  If you would like to see examples please head to the graphic portfolio page.

  • Logo Design
  • Photo Enhancement
  • Portrait Enhancement

I offer technology assistance services, also called technical support.   I have worked with hardware and software on phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops for many years.  I have fixed many different problems with many different types of devices.  If you have any problems with any device feel free to ask for help.

  • General Troubleshooting
  • Networking troubleshooting
  • Repair of computer power systems
  • Replacement of GPU’s
  • Replacement of RAM cards
  • Replacement of Screens
  • Setup of Home and Office Computers
  • Setup of Home and Office Networking systems
  • Setup of Printer and Fax Machines
  • Setup of Power-Line Connection system

I have created and hosted many websites in the past.  I am able to host websites that have been previously created.  I am also able to design websites custom tailored to your needs and specifications.  I can code a website, allowing for more customization, or I have also built websites using WordPress and Drupal.  I can code in PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  If you would like examples of what I have done in the past then please head over to the website portfolio page.

If you would like a site constructed, then contact me, and we can discuss design, information, what the site content will be, and any other concerns you may have.  If you want to code the website yourself or are interested in using a web builder, I offer hosting.

I will edit and/or create videos of many different kinds.  I have experience in Intros, Outros, Lip Syncs, News Broadcasts, Blooper Reels, Personal Credit videos, Presentation videos.