Telaalbums 1.5.1 Update

The Tela Albums 1.5.1 update is bringing quite a few changes to our users.  Some of these changes we regret, but have to happen due to google shutting down its Picassa Web Albums API.  All direct links to albums will no longer work! This is pretty much the most major change we did not want to implement but had to due to Google changing their API.  Another change we did not want to implement but had to, is that you must add scope to your developer projects ( The instructions on how to do that are down below and in the docs on the support site ).  However, even though these changes are very annoying, they have brought much needed changes to Tela Albums.  The application can now remember your location if you have multiple instances of the shortcode on a page, the application performance has been improved and will continue to be improved.  And the new changes have left the door open for even more enhancements to come.


We apologize for any inconvenience this new update may cause.



How do I update my google developer project to support the new API?

  • Delete all of the users you have stored in the plugin
  • Copy the Authorized Redirect URIs box and Authorized Javascript Origins field in the setup tutorial
  • Head over to the Google Developer Console
  • Select the project you created in the top left hand corner drop down.
  • Click Enable APIs and Services
  • Type in the search box: Google Photos
  • Click on the Photos Library API card that comes up
  • Click enable
  • Select the three bars in the top left corner
  • Go to APIs & Services -> Credentials
  • Select the credentials that you made when you first setup the plugin
  •  Add the copied fields from the setup into their correct fields on the Google Page
  • Click Save
  • Copy your Client ID and Secret over to the setup page on Tela Albums
  • Click Save and follow the instructions that come up on the Tela Albums Page.


    • Steve, the credentials you need for the reset up of the plugin are in project credentials that you updated in the tutorial above. The setup tutorial should automatically show after you remove all of the users in telaalbums plugin then navigate to the Tela Albums -> Users page or reload that page. If you are having issues following the tutorial, if you could open a ticket on the support page ( ) we can assist you further.

    • If you are trying to use https you need to make the redirect url https. The plugin gives you what it thinks the redirect url should be based on the protocol and the url you are accessing the admin interface with. If you want to use https for your site you should make both urls https.

  1. Hello,
    Firstable, thank you so much for your job 🙂

    Since update to 5.1.1–fr_FR of WordPress, the filter doesn’t run anymore.
    For example : The two filters
    [telaalbums filter="APENew"]
    [telaalbums filter="APEold"]
    with Albums like this does not retrieve pictures 🙁
    Noël à St Jean Apôtre – 18 Décembre 2018_APENew
    Flute Réenchantée 26 juin 2018_APEold
    If you wants some help to test beta version, feel free to request me.
    Best regards.
    Christophe (France)

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