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How do I install google drive on a mac?
Last Updated a year ago

  1. First go to this link and download the program,

  2. Then after you have opened it up and then dragged it like it asked, hit the rocket on the bottom dock and click on the drive symbol you just dragged in. If you have installed Google Chrome there may be two, one will probably open up a link in Safari or Google Chrome, the other will open a program in the top bar of your mac that looks like the google drive icon below. Make sure you open the one that doesn't open the link in Safari or Google Chrome

  3. One of two things should happen, you should either get a setup window asking you to log into google, or you will have to click on that symbol and click sign in. like below:
  4. Setup Window:


    Or by clicking on the Google Drive Icon:


    Sign in, all settings should be fine as the defaults.

  5. After you have setup google drive, Click on finder the icon with a face:

  6. You should see a google drive folder in the side bar like so:

  7. If you do not see the folder you may need to hover over the word favorites and click show when it shows up.

    Google drive is now installed, the folder should be in the sidebar. If you can not find it open finder and hold the command button, the shift button, then click G. A box should appear, copy or type in ~/
    then hit the enter/return key or click the Go button. It should take you to a folder that has your google drive folder in it.

    If you would like to create a shortcut
    follow the instructions above, (the paragraph directly above), then right click on the google drive folder, and click the make alias button. A folder should come up called google drive alias. Drag that wherever you would like it, for example the Desktop. There you go you have a shortcut.

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