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How do I save onboard blobs?
Last Updated 10 months ago

Onboard blobs are the blobs on your phone saved for the current version of IOS. Therefore if you buy a phone after Apple's signing window has stopped, you can still get the blobs off your device just incase you need to restore.

64Bit Non-App Method:

  1. Install Filza from Cydia
  2. Tap the star at the bottom, then tap [Root].
  3. Open System->Library->Caches"
  4. Copy the file "apticket.der" to your computer. DO NOT delete the file from your phone.
Move to your computer and then follow
Now open Terminal and type the following:

cd place where you put img4tool and apticket.der
chmod +x img4tool
./img4tool --convert -s blob.shsh2 apticket.der

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